9 th Surviving Radley built boat confirmed

A  single scull built by Sid Radley and owned by Tom Robin Boyde has been confirmed as surviving in storage at Thames Rowing Club.


3 thoughts on “9 th Surviving Radley built boat confirmed

  1. Hello, my name is Malcolm Pembery and I am a member of Dittons Skiff and Punting Club. We have 3 skiffs made by Radley and Sons of Enfield, and so I looked up on the internet to find any information about the firm. It is very interesting to read this site and that you are writing a book.
    We race skiffs, although the Radleys are now only used for general outings and new member teaching sessions, and are bound by the Skiff Racing Associations rules which state matched boats are used for sprint events. As we can race up to 3 abreast, when boats are bought we must therefore buy 3 at a time, hence the number of Radleys we have. Apparently they were the first boats built to the SRA specification which had just been set.
    From a personal perspective, having been responsible for maintenance over a period of years, the Radleys are amazing boats. Although having been professionally maintained over the years they are essentially original. Being used by the least experienced scullers, new members, they really have withstood the test of time very well. They were built in the late 1960s and I will try to find an exact date.
    Please contact me if you require further information.


    1. That is fascinating. We were based at Springhill in the 60s and not Enfield but I assume they were built by V Radley and sons. The boat builder would have been my late Uncle Sid.
      Will email you

      Cheers Clive


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