I am a Radley descendant with an interest in rowing and boat building. The only physical evidence of the Radley boat yards today is the the bungalow at Springhill opposite Lea rowing club and a number of surviving Radley built boats. The last boat built was in 1969 by Sid Radley the last and most talented Radley boat builder. The book will attempt to document the Radley heritage.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Apologies, but I couldn’t find any other way to get in touch. Is your branch of the Radley family in any way connected to the Wanstead branch by any chance? No-one seems to know anything about our history and as an avid rower I came across your story on Hear The Boat Sing and can’t help but wonder…

    – Lucy Radley


  2. Lucy I am not certain if we are related. I was brought up in Leytonstone which is next to Wanstead but I dont remember any relatives there. Are you the Lucy Radley on Facebook who lives in Midlesborough who rows.


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