I am currently writing a new book which should be published in JULY 2016

SONOBUOY HISTORY FROM A UK PERSPECTIVE – RAE Farnborough’s Role in Cold War Anti- Submarine Warfare

New book to be published in July 2016, written by a team of Former Cold War Airborne ASW Experts with a foreword by Richard Gardner Aviation Journalist and Farnborough Air Sciences Trust Chairman.

Sonobuoys are small expendable sonar systems dropped from anti-submarine warfare aircraft. The purpose of sonobuoys is to detect and locate submarines.


Prof Blackett – the UK inventor of sonobuoys   Lead Author Clive Radley former

in 1941                                                        Farnborough Project Manager

Nimrod MR2 Maritime Patrol Aircraft  BAE PICTURE


Barra Sonobuoy after deployment from Trials Aircraft at Sonobuoy testing range in 1999

The Royal Aircraft Establishment(RAE) at Farnborough was well known as a world leading centre for aerospace research and development. What is hardly known at all is the important role of UK scientists at the Royal Aircraft Establishment (RAE) in Farnborough in Cold War Aircraft Sonobuoy based Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW).

The book covers the early tentative beginning of airborne ASW in world war one through world war 2, the cold war, to the present day and also how sonobuoys were used to shadow USSR submarines. Early ASW aircraft had no means of detecting submerged submarines until aircraft dropped acoustic sensors (sonobuoys) were invented by the UKs Professor Blackett during World War 2 to help counter the U- Boat threat to Allied convoys.
The RAE became the UKs centre of excellence for sonobuoy system research and development in the late 1940s at the beginning of the cold war.
The book is a unique insider’s view of UK airborne ASW as the author, now retired, worked in ASW at Farnborough for a number of years. He has consulted a multitude of sources including many ex colleagues who had worked at MOD research establishments at Farnborough, Portland and Winfrith, UK industry scientists and USA scientists from the cold war era.
The book has been written for the non-technical reader who has a broad appreciation of defence matters
Sonobuoys are a major success story for UK industry with ULTRA Electronics having become the world’s leading supplier of sonobuoys.
The book contains what the author believes is definitive account of why the Nimrod MRA4 project went so drastically wrong, why the Boeing P8 was ordered to eventually replace it and the story of the Thirty Year Development of the UKs new Multistatics System (search fields of separate active transmit and receive sonobuoys).

The book will be available via Amazon, Aerospace Museums and Airfield bookshops, hopefully Waterstones type book shops, the Farnborough Air Sciences Trust museum book shop or directly from the author. All proceeds from sales will be donated to the Farnborough Air Sciences Trust, a charity to support the development of the FAST museum.
Price TBA £20 to £25

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